Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Matt Kelty & Tom Delay - the James Bopp Connection

With the news of James Bopp coming to Fort Wayne to become the savior of the GOP nominee Matt Kelty's campaign woes, I thought readers of this blog should know that James Bopp was also the man that represented Tom Delay in his effort to get off the ballot in the 2006 election (How many ultraconservative lawyers named James Bopp could there be?). I guess whenever a Republican politician is mired in corruption they might as well pull Tom Delay's card out of their pocket. But just a reminder to the Kelty campaign - Bopp lost that case and the Democrats took Delay's seat.

The worse part of it all is that even after Delay lost his appeal to the Supreme Court - when Justice Scalia of all people turned them down - Bopp still looked for a way around the law:
The lawyer who argued the Republicans' case, James Bopp Jr., said Tuesday that there might still be ways to keep Mr. DeLay off the ballot. For instance, Mr. Bopp said in a telephone interview, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican, could appoint or nominate Mr. DeLay to another office, making him ineligible to serve in Congress.

So look on the bright side Matt. Even though you seem to have violated campaign finance law and hired the lawyer of the most corrupt politician of the last two decades - at least he may still find a technicality that will keep you out of trouble.

The bad news? It didn't work for Delay...


jboppjr said...

I hope that the other posts on this blog are more accurate than this one. I have never represented Tom Delay. The case you are apparently referring to arose out of Tom Delay's moving out of his House district and the attempt of the Texas Republican Party to replace him on the ballot. I represented the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, not Tom Delay. Jim Bopp

otto said...

Whatever dude...get real. This shading of the truth is point of this legal problem and Delay's problems and the Republican Party problems. Ok, the Party hired you to get Delay's name off the ballot, not Delay. Big difference.
try again