Sunday, June 17, 2007

Job Creation is Not a Valid Reason to Support the FWCS Facilities Project

Karen Francisco pens yet another editorial in support of the FWCS facilities project. The latest reason to support the project is "economic development" and "job creation".
The projected tax impact of the $500 million Fort Wayne Community Schools building project gets much attention – and deservedly so.

But the jobs impact of the largest public project in county history seems to rate little discussion, probably because people most conscious of it are hesitant to speak up.

Uh, no. The reason why the jobs don't get any attention is because taxing everybody to provide a select few jobs is considered income redistribution and, in general, inefficient. If we take Karen's argument to it's logical conclusion then the government should significantly raise taxes in order to stimulate the economy and provide jobs.

That just isn't how a capitalist society should work. There is room for government services but the primary purpose of these services should not be to provide jobs. This latest Francisco piece reads like something out of Governor Mitch "privatization" Daniels' Little Red Book - namely that the government replaces the bourgeoisie by creating state-regulated monopolies that dole out contracts directly to the proletariat.

Even worse, she continues the JG's weak practice of anonymous "criticisms":
But critics are wrong to suggest the property tax money would sink into a black hole or that it will benefit only a handful of business owners.

Who exactly are the critics making such suggestions? I think the JG is in danger of becoming the Fort Wayne Strawman Press...

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