Saturday, June 16, 2007

JG Editorial Page Off Base (As Usual) in FWCS Petition Drive

Yesterday's JG provided yet another editorial in support of the Yellows in the Fort Wayne Community Schools petition drive. As usual Tracy Warner and company provide a severely lackluster argument:
As the dueling petition drive hits the halfway mark, the Code Blue project opponents appear to have the most steam. Armed with a no-tax-hike mantra and much misinformation, they appear to be collecting signatures at a faster clip than the Write Yellow camp, which is noticeably lacking in support from teachers and members of the Yellow Ribbon Task Force.

Notice they don't mention what this misinformation is. This is a pathetic attempt at spin and they should be embarrassed for even publishing it. If they want to levy such charges then they should have the guts to tell people exactly what "misinformation" they're referring to. After placing the primary blame on the remonstrators the JG goes on to blame those "oh so lazy teachers" who couldn't possibly be against this colossal waste of money:
Regrettably, others seem to believe it’s not their job to get involved. It’s a notion they hold at their own peril, not because they would face any consequences from administrators for not signing or for signing blue but because the health of the school district is directly tied to the petition drive outcome. If the project is killed, the message it sends is that the community does not support public education in Fort Wayne. The end result will be that parents who can afford to choose will choose private, parochial or suburban schools.

Do you hear that teachers? If you don't go out and carry the water for this plan then the entire public educational system will come crumbling down and it will have you to blame.

But the JG doesn't end their weak argument there - sadly it continues:
Teachers also should know better than anyone that the Code Blue criticism of failing schools is untrue, and they should be countering any misconceptions of uncaring teachers with their active support of the project.

Does the JG have any examples of people criticizing teachers by calling them "uncaring"? In fact the only people I see insinuating such things are the JG editorial board. It couldn't possibly be that our poorly compensated teachers have decided that maybe they don't want to waste their hard earned money on this project? Nah. They must just all be lazy and indifferent.Let me share something with the JG editorial staff and yellow supporters like them:

You had an opportunity to take $250 Million without ANY remonstrance and you chose not to. Now, like anyone that refuses to compromise, you risk getting NOTHING. The blue side isn't to blame and school employees aren't to blame. The school administrators, the school board and your rubber-stamping yellow ribbon commission are to blame if you lose.

And this won't change no matter how many editorials you pen to the contrary...


Robert Enders said...

"If the project is killed, the message it sends is that the community does not support public education in Fort Wayne."

Tracy Warner is worried about what kind of message this will send? Is he in worried about what other communities will think about Fort Wayne? If there is anything I learned in my 13 years in the FWCS system its that I shouldn't worry about what others think of me and I should just be myself.

MichaelK said...

No proper monarchy would ever allow for compromise in its fiefdom.

But seriously, the moment I read the "misinformation" line I was certain it was going to be a bad day in editorial land.