Monday, May 07, 2007

FWCS Superintendent Smears Remonstrators as Racist

A recent Journal Gazette article said:
Fort Wayne Community Schools Superintendent Wendy Robinson wonders whether opposition to the district's proposed $500 million building project is really about raising property taxes or balking at providing better schools for inner-city kids.

This is absolutely shameful and Robinson should apologize immediately. I have heard absolutely nothing during this process that would lead one to that conclusion. This is an attempt to smear the remonstrators as racist and it's a disgusting tactic that has no place in our political process. She also said:
"Below the surface, it's, `Those kids don't deserve better buildings'.

Again, this is so pathetic, so baseless, that truthfully it probably doesn't dignify a response. But let me tell you, Dr Robinson, what's below the surface - these kids do deserve better.

Students and teachers deserve more resources that actually help them achieve their educational goals. They deserve more special education programs. They deserve more after-school tutoring and mentoring programs. They deserve leaders who can actually deliver educational results and not empty accusatory rhetoric and new blacktop for the parking lots.

They deserve many things Dr Robinson - but they don't deserve to have their intelligence insulted by suggesting the remonstrators are racist.


B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Agreed,'s about finding some sort of "balance" that will:

1) Address the school buildings needs.


2) Help kids learn within a safe environment.

The remonstrators ARE for SOME sort of building'd have to be an idiot NOT to want to fix what needs fixing. Ask any homeowner!

Many just don't feel the need to be "held hostage" for $500 million bucks...not when there's about 30+ OTHER "entities" waiting in the wings that CAN ALSO raise property taxes (such as the FWIA).

Dr. Robinson talks about FAIRNESS....maybe she ought to practice what she preaches (once in a while). Then again, with HER salary, I'm sure any property tax HIKE won't be as bothersome to her as it will to many, many others.

And please put AWAY the damn RACE CARD....that's getting real old real fast in this city!


Jeff Pruitt said...


Let's fix the necessities and set up a capital maintenance fund that doesn't get consistently raided for non-related purposes.

From there we should look at fiscally responsible ways to increase student achievement as well as school resources...

Sheri said...

I cringed when she took over after Dictato Fowler-Finn. Now I am justified. What a ridiculous comment.