Monday, May 07, 2007

Fort Wayne Left endorses Matt Kelty for GOP mayoral candidate!

Screen-shot of local redneck's blog header (Click on the graphic to enter this site):

Welcome to Fort Wayne, Indiana - Armpit of the midwest! This asshat is STILL proud of Bush?? It's worth noting that Danny, the operator of the above-mentioned GOP mouthpiece, is actually a transplant from Detroit (Man! How DID they let him slip away? Federal Witness Protection Plan?)

Danny's SO far to the right that he's bucking the "establishment" GOP candidate for mayor in favor of the anti-everything-including-Steve-Shine-and-Mark-Souder candidate. Yes, Dan, I've seen the Nelson Peters for Mayor sign in Mark "flabby old white man" Souder's yard. He's even a member of the 28% of Americans who still think George W. Bush is a GREAT president! (CUCKOO!)

Danny, I too support Matt Kelty as the rethug candidate for mayor. If Mr.PurpleOffice wins the GOP nod, then Tom Henry is a shoe-in for mayor. I think Tom will prevail either way, but Nelson Peters is the only possible credible challenge to that. So bully to you, and thanks for helping our Democratic team retain control of City Hall!

And Dan-O, as someone who's pounded the pavement out here in Aboite Township with voter lists in-hand, YOU are in for a surprise as to how many Democrats actually reside here now.I guess you must have missed the results of the Hayhurst-Souder race out here last fall. . .See you in November; and sorry about TOMORROW.


B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

John...better be careful...he might ask that you refer to him (in the future) as MISTER Asshat...LOL!



John Good said...

BG - Better D E A D, than A W B ! ;)