Monday, May 28, 2007

Enjoy Your Memorial Day Senator Bayh

While families throughout the state and around this country grieve for dead soldiers, family members, friends - Evan Bayh continues with business as usual.

Remember when you said we needed to change course?

Well, to begin it in the next four to six months to show them that we're serious, that we mean business that they've got to get their act together and focus on getting the job done, yes, absolutely. How long it will take to completely redeploy our troops I think is going to be more dependent upon events on the ground. And hopefully, they'll begin to do better and show that the capacity and the will to try and stabilize their country.

But, you know, General Abizaid, all the commanders, Wolf, will tell you there is no purely military solution to this. What is driving the insurgency in Iraq today are unresolved political disputes among Iraqis.

And no matter how long we stay, no matter how many Americans die, no matter how much money we spend, this will not have a happy outcome unless they do their part. And they're simply not doing that now. So I think a real wake-up call to them, letting them know we're not there forever and to show them we mean business to begin that process, yes, I think that's in order.

Remember this quote sir? What have YOU done to help bring our troops home? I'll answer that for you - JACK & SHIT. You don't give a damn about Iraq or the consequences of this war as it's all political - how far can you go VP Bayh? Currently I'm ashamed to call you my Senator and especially a Democratic Senator at that. Remember this?
I mean look, to err is human. But to persist in err, to refuse to acknowledge err or correct it, particularly when lives are at stake, that is a great human failing. And so there was just no willingness to reexamine the facts, to contemplate different courses of action.

And WTF have YOU done to make a difference? You and the rest of the Democratic party capitulators have done NOTHING. I'm sick of this. You no longer get a pass from me. You won't answer my phone calls. You won't answer my e-mails. You won't answer my faxes. I don't care any more. You're a Bush enabler, a pusherman and you're guilty of facilitating the death of American troops.

Enjoy Memorial Day Evan Bayh, I hope you're happy. You have now voted for the war and you own it...

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