Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Ad Fontes Fort Wayne" Debuts

Charles Langley, candidate for Fort Wayne City Council in the Fourth District, has launched a new online initiative at :

"This is a serious time for Fort Wayne and we need serious discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing our community.

The purpose of this blog is to foster discussion regarding the current course and future path of Fort Wayne. Other writers have joined with me in this online pursuit and will also post on an occasional basis. All readers are encouraged to comment and respectfully post their thoughts as new posts are created. Comments will be moderated out of necessity, but I will post all honest and respectful replies.

Ad fontes is a Latin expression which literally translates "to the sources." This expression was given popular meaning during the Renaissance as a call to the government and others to return to their original, fundamental principles. With the current trend in government and politics, I am reviving the phrase as I firmly believe our community would be best served with a return to fundamental principles and ideas. More on this topic as posts are created."

Langley for City Council

5260 Coventry Lane

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804


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