Saturday, April 07, 2007

GOP Mayoral Candidate Nelson Peters is Correct to Support the FWCS Remonstrance

Cross-posted at Left of Centrist:

I've been extremely critical of Fort Wayne GOP mayoral candidate Nelson Peters for his ever-dwindling support of the local smoking ban. However, I believe he is wise to support the remonstrance against the $800 Million property tax increase levied by the FWCS school board.

This tax increase is unconscionable and will cripple the residents and businesses of this city. Certainly school improvement must be addressed, but a lump sum approach with across-the-board fixes will needlessly drive up property taxes while inviting corruption and waste into the process.

Any future mayoral nominee should understand that property tax increases like this will only hamper their effectiveness in promoting economic growth. And when you couple this tax increase with increasing the area of special tax districts (Harrison Square), you have a recipe for disaster.

I hope Mr Peters takes his leadership on this issue even further by publicly signing a blue petition when it becomes available...

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