Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Has Finally Gone Off the Deep End

I've found myself at odds w/ the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette editorial page more and more of late. But yesterday's editorial criticizing public officials for signing the Fort Wayne Community Schools building remostrance takes the cake.

The decisions of Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters and City Council members Tom Didier and John Shoaff to sign a remonstrance challenging Fort Wayne Community Schools’ $500 million long-range building plan are disappointing. The example of high-profile public officials is certain to sway the opinions of some property owners in deciding the fate of the much-needed improvements.

Imagine the audacity of a local official that doesn't want his property taxes raised tune the tune of $800 Million. So if these officials disagree with the current proposal they should remain silent? I see, only the Journal Gazette gets to use their bully pulpit, everyone else should just shut up and pay the taxman.

Public officials who protest measures approved by other elected officials should be prepared to demonstrate they’ve studied the issue in detail, listened to the public and weighed their fiscal responsibilities in protecting school buildings and other vital community assets.

This is UNBELIEVABLE. The school board didn't even BOTHER to study what the impacts of an $800 Million project would be on home and business owners or the overall economy. But the elected leaders who speak for their constituents' concerns about massive property tax hikes HAVEN'T listened to the public and weighted their fiscal responsibilities? Good grief - that's the most twisted logic I've seen in some time.

The community doesn't HAVE to defer to the JG editorial board. We all have voices - some louder than others - and we should ALL use them. For some reason the JG doesn't want this debate and they seem to feel that everyone would be better served if they just went about their business and didn't get involved in local politics.

They're wrong.


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