Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Introducing Charles Langley

Charles Langley for City Council

Since graduating from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in education, Charles Langley has spent his professional career serving the citizens of Indiana in the classroom. Charles possesses a strong reputation for excellence in the classroom, and has been recognized for his ability to connect with each and every student. His energy and drive extend beyond the classroom into his desire and determination to build a stronger fourth district.

As a homeowner in the Fourth District of Fort Wayne, Charles understands the public needs and concerns that affect his neighbors. These concerns extend beyond the newly imposed property taxes in the district, and include the congestion, bottlenecks, and other numerous transportation issues that we face in the fourth district.

Charles’ father, Lewis Langley, who has now passed away, taught him that a man’s word is his bond and that everything a man puts his mind to, he does with all of his heart, mind, and strength. Charles absorbed that message and brings a strong voice to the fourth district and the thousands of new Fort Wayne residents who reside there.

His character is one of strength, determination, and compassion. As his friends, family, and colleagues will attest, Charles performs each and every task he sets his mind to with the utmost diligence and conviction. As a new face with new ideas for a new future in the Fourth District, Charles hopes to bring these values to our City Council to fight for each and every resident of the fourth city council district in the great city of Fort Wayne!

Where does Charles stand on the issues facing our district?

-Economic improvements without tax increases:

We are a recently expanded district in the city of Fort Wayne with thousands of new residents due to the recent annexation. It would be easy for members of the Council to take advantage of us and ask for more revenue with the new influx of residents. Under the leadership of Mr.Langley this will NOT happen. Any tax matter that does not substantially and directly benefit our district will meet his zealous opposition and
fiercest dissent. He will also work with current businesses to better market our city, which was recently ranked the most affordable by the Frontier Centre on Public Policy, for increased economic growth and jobs.

- Improve Roads and Transportation:

The transportation network in our district is congested and full of bottlenecks and inconveniences. The southwest area of town has expanded rapidly without proper planning for addressing the transportation needs of this growth. This harms the potential for commercial and economic growth in our area. Charles will fight to expand and renovate the roads of the fourth district, and will pressure the State of Indiana to finally expand Illinois Road without any further delay. Furthermore, he will act to ensure that the Ardmore corridor, it's connectors, and neighborhoods that surround it are maintained and given the proper attention they deserve. The roads of Waynedale will finally receive desperately needed care and renovations, especially in regards to chip and seal of streets.

-Maintain and Improve City Services

With thousands of new residents in the fourth district, it is essential that we have the very best police, fire, and emergency service available to the citizens of Fort Wayne. Charles will make certain that our neighborhoods continue to be safe and that all residents will have the peace of mind that the city is affording them every available resource. While Aqua Indiana does a fine job providing vital services to the citizens of the fourth district, Charles believes that increased cooperation with City Utilities can substantially improve the water and sanitation services provided to residents of our area and will personally mediate and work to establish cooperation between Aqua Indiana and City Utilities, to ensure that each and every citizen of the district receives the best water and sanitation services without unnecessary additional cost.

-Improve Cooperation with City and County Agencies

Duplication of certain agencies of the city and county are financially wasteful and staggeringly inefficient. The current system is not only more expensive, but provides lesser services than a cooperative system would accomplish. The consequences of our inaction in these areas could result in potentially disastrous situations. Charles will work to establish cooperation and unity between more City and County agencies, especially in the areas of purchasing power, human resources, and emergency communications (911). This will greatly increase the efficiency and quality of services available to all Allen County residents, while reducing the overall cost of the agencies to city and county taxpayers.

"This is an exciting time for the city of Fort Wayne, and for the fourth district in particular. There is great opportunity for development and growth in our fine city, and I stand here today to fight to ensure that the each and every resident of the fourth district have the opportunity to reap the benefits of this development. We have a unique opportunity here today to build a new future for the our area, one that takes advantage of the exciting benefits of being a new part of our city, but one that also respects the existing and exceptional properties of our fourth district.

We have tremendous power, with our 42,000 exceptional and hard-working residents. We have an exceptional community here, with strong businesses, strong churches, and, as I know personally, a very strong education system.But, above
all, we share a strong desire to make this our district the best that it can be. There is no stronger foundation upon which to forge a new path and build a new future for ourselves and are children who represent our future.

It is my hope that each of the 42,000 residents of the Fourth District will allow me to be an integral part of this development by electing me to represent our interests as the fourth district’s representative to the City Council of the city of Fort Wayne. Our district is a powerful district and we need a powerful voice.

Councilman Tom Hayhurst has built a tremendously strong and vibrant foundation in this district, and it is my sincere hope that his work will not be tossed aside, and serve as a launching pad for the future of the fourth district. We have the unique opportunity to change city government into something genuinely groundbreaking. It is my hope to represent all 42,000 residents of the fourth district in building a new and brighter future for a for us all."

Contact Information:

Charles Langley
5260 Coventry Lane
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

(260) 432-1323


Charles Langley is supported by our current councilman, Dr.Tom Hayhurst!

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