Friday, March 23, 2007

Congressman Mark Souder Votes Against Our Troops

Cross posted at Left Of Centrist:

Indiana Republican Congressman Mark Souder likes to think he supports our troops in this war. He also seems to hedge towards wanting the war to end without causing complete chaos. He had a golden opportunity to address BOTH of these issues in today's House vote on the Iraqi Supplemental bill and HE FAILED MISERABLY. He failed the veterans in this country. He failed our current military personnel and their families. His vote today was flat out inexcusable and something the people of this district will not forget.

So what did he vote against?

Current military personnel have some of the greatest healthcare needs yet Mark Souder voted AGAINST helping them. He voted AGAINST $1.7 Billion dollars for healthcare. He voted AGAINST $450 Million for PTSD care. He voted AGAINST $450 Million for brain injury care. He voted AGAINST $62 Million for amputee care. He voted AGAINST $20 Million for Walter Reed. Giving our troops the much-needed healthcare they deserve evidently wasn't important enough to Mark Souder.

Mark Souder voted AGAINST the idea that our troops should only be sent to war with the proper equipment and readiness level. Mark Souder evidently doesn't care that our troops need the new IED-resistant up-armored vehicles. He voted AGAINST $1.4 Billion for these new IED-resistant vehicles. How can he continue to send troops to combat if they are not fully trained and equipped? This bill would've prevented that unless the president waived that requirement for national security reasons - Mark Souder voted AGAINST this.

This bill sets benchmarks for the Iraqi government to ensure they start to take responsibility for their own country. Mark Souder voted AGAINST this.

This bill banned permanent bases and torture in Iraq. Mark Souder voted AGAINST this.

This bill provides contractor oversight in Iraq - Mark Souder voted AGAINST this.

So let me ask you sir - WHY EXACTLY did you vote against this bill? Do all these items just not matter? Do you truly want to support the troops and help bring this war to an end or not? A silly question I suppose as you spoke loud and clear with your vote today.

So remember, while you sit in your office and contemplate more wasteful spending on ridiculous anti-drug pet projects our troops are dying. They are dying because YOU sent them into an unnecessary war. They are dying because YOU sent them there without the necessary body armor and vehicles. They are dying because YOU lack the courage to oppose the failed policies of the Bush administration. They are dying because YOU continue to vote against providing them with adequate healthcare and armor. Sooner or later this war will end and you will forever be remembered as one of the immoral lackeys that perpetuated this debacle. I sincerely hope the voters of this district wake up and decide to oust you in 2008...


Thomas said...

Excellent, excellent post. I would be more than happy to front page this over at Blue Indiana if you find the time to cross-post.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Done! And thank you for the compliment...