Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The voice of (t)reason

According to Mike Pence (R-6th), those members of Congress who support the non-binding resolution which opposes the escalation of our forces in Iraq are nearly guilty of treason. Mr.Pence, it is my sad duty to inform you that the majority of "we the people" are apparently guilty by agreement. And we have zero doubt that this resolution will be passed by the House by week's end.

According to Webster's, the very definition of treason is betrayal. As a citizen who resides in your gerrymandered district, and a member of the majority who oppose the Iraq war in said district, we the people find you guilty of betraying our wishes on this matter. Therefore we must conclude that you, sir, are guilty of treason as well. I beleive this would be called a stalemate in many circumstances.

In this one, however, we hold trump. You cannot fire us for our "treason". . .we can, however, fire you for yours. You are suffering from "Mark Souder Syndrome" - you feel safe in a district that was carved out to consistently turn out a strong republican vote. That has served you well in the past; it will do so no more. Your base is turning away from you, and that trickle will become a flow if you continue to ignore the growing dissent against this president and his reckless ambitions. Ask Mark Souder how close he came to defeat by following the path you are currently treading upon.

Better yet, do not. . .it will make it that much easier for we the people to replace you with someone who will be our true voice going forward. . .

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