Sunday, February 11, 2007

FOIA Update On Harrison Square Project

Cross-Posted at Left Of Centrist:

As blogged here and here, I had previously filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the individual city council members and the mayor's office. The subject of this request was any communication those individuals might have had with the Hardball Capital group (the main developers behind the Harrison Square plans) prior to their purchase of the Fort Wayne Wizards.

First I want to thank the following city council members for their rapid response to my FOIA request - Tim Pape, Don Schmidt, Tom Smith, Tom Hayhurst, Sam Talarico Jr, John Crawford and Tom Didier. All their responses indicate they did not have any contact with Hardball Capital prior to them purchasing the Wizards in Feb of 2006.

Obviously this means councilmen John Shoaff and Glynn Hines did not respond. I won't speculate as to why these two members chose not to respond - for all I know they might have not received the letter. However, I WILL be contacting them again and requesting that they respond to the initial request.

Also, the mayor's office has not responded either. I will be contacting the mayor's office again tomorrow to ask why they have not responded. If the mayor's office is serious about educating the public on the this project then they should start by responding to this FOIA request. This would help to ensure the public has all the

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