Sunday, February 25, 2007

March on the Pentagon - March 17, 2007

Fort Wayne Left is presenting this information from The IPFW Student Peace Action as a public service to all who may wish to join in this protest of the Iraq war. This is an excellent and affordable way to get involved and add your voice:

IPFW Student Peace Action

March 17 is the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

Join us and be a part of a message to those in Washington, D.C.

Arrangements have been made by IPFW Student Peace Action to take a tour bus to Washington, DC for the fully permitted March 17th march on the Pentagon called by We will leave Ft. Wayne at 10pm Friday night, arriving in Washington around 10am on Saturday.

The program is scheduled to begin at noon, so we will have time for eating breakfast, meeting friends traveling by other means, and checking out the organizations who will be tabling at the event. The march and rally are projected to be over at 5pm, (I suspect it might run a little later, these things often do) so we will have time to check out the area and have a leisurely dinner before the bus driver picks us up at 8pm.

We should be home by 8am on Sunday. The professionalism of the driver should allow us to get at least some sleep on the bus ride each way, and we will have the rest of the day Sunday and Sunday night to recuperate from our foray into peace activism before returning to the daily grind on Monday.

The march and rally are to protest the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the previous march on the Pentagon during the Vietnam war.

The cost for this bus ride into history is $100. If you are a student, (especially an IPFW student) who really wants to go but really can't afford the $100, there might be a limited number of reduced fare or even free tickets available. If you can't go but would like to help a worthy student make the trip, donations for this purpose will be gladly accepted. Make checks out to: IPFW Student Peace Action
Please send all checks to:

IPFW Student Peace Action
c/o Bruce R. Hall
611 Meyer Ave.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46807

Send questions by e-mail to Bruce or call 260-760-4600

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