Thursday, January 11, 2007

Left & Right unite in Allen County

I've just come across the most amazing news of the year! Okay, so it's only 11 days in but, GEEZOW! While perusing the blog of local Libertarian Party Chair, Mike Sylvester, I read the most incredible thing that I'd seen lately, closely followed by the second-most incredible thing I'd seen lately:


"I was listening to WOWO earlier today and I heard a sound bite from Steve Shine, the Chair of the Republican Party of Allen County.

Steve Shine was quoted as saying that we need to bring both Syria and Iran into diplomatic talks..."


"Kevin Knuth and Steve Shine both expressed their opinions today that adding another 20,000 troops in Iraq will NOT improve the situation in Iraq.

I do not feel that adding 20,000 troops will help either...

I am glad that Steve Shine has decided to "buck" many in The Republican Party and express views contrary to those of many Republicans...

Well done Steve!"

If this post is still here in the morning, than I will know that it wasn't all just a wonderful dream. . .that even cats and dogs can get along on occasion. . .that here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, sometimes. . .sometimes. . .common sense and honest concern for our country can bring us all together for our common good.

Thank you, Kevin and Steve. . .

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Stan Matuska said...

I guess elepahnts really can fly!
You just never know.