Sunday, October 22, 2006

NS Poll reflects Souder's worry

The following are results of an ongoing and quite non-scientific poll by the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. That being said, I must point out that the News-Sentinel is a conservative local paper. Indeed, if you look at the other poll results that are available, you will quickly come to the conclusion that the last sentence I just typed is quite factual, or a big win by local Republicans is on it's way here on November 7. Nearly all of the local race results point to GOP dominance; the exceptions being Tom Wyss vs Mike Bynum and Mark Souder vs Tom Hayhurst. Frankly, I am pleasantly surprised by the numbers in both of these races.

Mike Bynum has long been a strong voice for my former area of residence, SE Fort Wayne, and has served as the president of his association (Branning Hills) as well as president of the Southeast Area Partnership of neighborhoods. I add this info on Mr.Bynum as you may not be as familiar with him as you are with Mr.Hayhurst.

Both of these men appear to have strong chances at a Democratic win in a heavily Republican district.

The Hayhurst/Souder poll results stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. The fact that Souder is in a dead heat in a poll on extremely friendly turf speaks volumes about
his recent public worry about his re-election. Especially given his bragging about "not being worried" about his chances as late as last week.

U.S. Representative 3rd District

Results of this nonscientific poll so far:

Question: Which candidate would you vote for if the election were held today?

Hayhurst, Thomas E. (Democrat) votes: 244 50 %
Souder, Mark E (Republican) votes: 243 50 %

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