Monday, October 23, 2006

Allen Co. GOP still violating state law on campaign signs!

The following is taken in it's entirety (comments and all) from The Allen County Democrats weblog. I am pasting it below this entry for your clarity on this issue:

Nearly FOUR WEEKS after this issue was first brought forth, the Allen County Republican Party STILL HAS AN ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN BANNER over a US highway route in downtown Fort Wayne! (According to Indiana Code 9-21-4-6: "A person may not place, maintain, or display an advertising sign , signal, or device on or over the roadway of a highway.")

The following officials/agencies (in order) were notified about this violation:

Steve Shine, Robert Alderman, INDOT (Perhaps we should name the property owner of the pedestrian walkway that this banner is attached to?)

It is plain for all to see that the Republican Party not only flouts the rules at every opportunity, but hasn't even the dignity to remedy violations when they are reported. This smug arrogance must be remedied at the ballot box this November 7th.

If you are as disgusted by these actions as I am, then vote to give Democrats a voice and a chance to return accountability to our Congress again. Look at what 12 years of solid GOP control has wrought. . .if you are not completely appalled, then you have NOT been paying attention! Change begins at the local level and spreads upward; add your voice to our growing chorus of concerned Americans who want our country restored to her former greatness.

October 11, 2006
Sign of the times- sometimes it just depends on who you know

Today's Political Notebook (in the JG) mentions a story about the "Ken Fries for Sheriff" sign that hangs over Clinton Street.

Here is some background on the matter: On September 27th I sent a letter to ACRP Chairman Steve Shine and pointed out that I believed the sign was illegal according to city code- which limits the size of political signs to 32 square feet and does not allow sign to be posted over roadways.

Shine responded that same day and stated he would have their Political Director, Zach Klutz, contact the city attorney immediatly to discuss the matter. I found out yesterday that Mr. Klutz never contact city attorney Tim Manges. However, I also found out that since Clinton Street is a "STATE HIGHWAY" it falls under the jurisdiction of INDOT.

From this mornings Political Notebook:

Bob Alderman, Fort Wayne district INDOT commissioner, said the sign was hung without the state’s permission, but the Republican Party approached him last week about getting it approved. He said the sign is on private property with the owner’s permission, but any sign over a state right of way needs a permit.

Alderman, a former Republican state representative, said he has given the party 15 days to apply for the permit and hoped to have the issue resolved by Election Day. He said he didn’t plan to force the sign down in the interim, but said if it is not approved, it will have to come down.

This sign is ILLEGAL. According to Indiana Code 9-21-4-6: "A person maynot place, maintain, or display an advertising sign , signal, or device on or over the roadway of a highway."

And, according to INDOT's Outdoor Advertising Control Manual: "An application must be submitted and a permit acquired for each outdoor advertising sign before it is constructed".

Take a moment and email INDOT with your thoughts regarding "THE ILLEGAL SIGN OVER CLINTON STREET"- let your voice be heard!

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At what point does the leadership of the local Republican party have to be held accountable?

They seem to geniuinely think the rules don't apply to them. Something's gotta give...

Posted by: Jeff Pruitt | October 11, 2006 at 07:13 PM

Perhaps since no one at INDOT seems to be responding...apparently thinking there are different rules for Republicans and Democrats we need a link to the Governor's office as well. INDOT is a state agency and the responsibility ultimately rests with Mitch. I am sure he would be happy to be involved in this clearly illegal mess.

Posted by: Linus | October 14, 2006 at 11:02 AM

Those of us that think that "Mitch" really cares a whit about what we think are clearly living in a fantasy world.

Anyone that thinks Mark Souder cares about anything except how to keep his job need only look at the 1.3 million dollars in pork he gave to Dean Kruse, the Dekalb County Republician Chairman.

Posted by: Mike Colgate | October 23, 2006 at 09:22 AM

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