Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A recent post on Fort Wayne Observed had a decidedly Republican slant. The local blog which was handed over to former Indiana House Republican, Mitch Harper, by Nathan Gotsch has remained fairly non-partisan, but as the November elections get closer, perhaps that will change.

The post in question shows a video from the Grabil parade on September 9. In the commentary, Mitch mentions that Rep. Mark Souder and Sheriff candidate Jim Fries were on hand, but failed to mention their opponents in the upcoming election who were also on hand in the parade.

Even more pointedly, was the mention of current Sheriff Jim Herman wearing a Ken Fries T-Shirt.

Is this a sign of things to come with FWOb?


Mitch Harper said...

Not really, Robert.

The post was not really meant to be comprehensive.

They were the first candidates to come through the line.

That I was only able to get the video from Saturday posted on Tuesday should have given you pause. The video needed to be reposted this morning on a different hosting service due to some technical issues.

There is some short video of candidate Hayhurst coming up along with many more still photos of the Hayhurst and Taviano marchers.

As your co-contributor knows, there will be a webshot of John Good coming on up.

Thank you for saying that Fort Wayne Observed has striven to give balance between the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Parties.

Even the Allen County Democratic Party website noted the picture of the ACDP booth at Fiesta Fort Wayne recently.

Angry White Boy said...

Robert, you guys are such cry babies. I don't see a damn thing on your Blog, on John Good's Blog that is non-partisan. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, just like Craig.

Robert Rouse said...

Mitch, you know me well enough to know I was calling you on it just to make sure you noticed. Perhaps you need to speak to some of the local Republicans who don't understand civility.

Speaking of which . . . No one is crying Angry Boy. I never claimed to operate a non-partisan blog. I'm sure if you ask Mitch, he will tell you that FWOb tries to be non-partisan, and Mitch does a damn fine job. But I notice you still like to do your elementary school name calling - if anyone needs to GROW UP, it's you. But, if you insist on continuing your childish name calling, feel free. I wholly defend your right to be an angry, biased, Right-Wing, hatred-spewing blogger. Go at it, man. This is America. Feel free to do as you like. I've got your back. Too bad you guys don't believe in the Constitution as much as we "Leftards" do. :)