Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dr.Hayhurst saves the day

HAT TIP to: Karen Goldner

At the annual Labor Day picnic, an elderly woman collapsed. Dr. Tom Hayhurst was at the event and helped take care of the lady until EMS took her to the hospital. We are not posting a picture of this to protect the lady's privacy. However, your webmaster is taking this opportunity to make a few comments. Why? Well, because I can - and because it needs to be said.
Why did Dr. Hayhurst help this lady? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT DOCTORS DO. Doctors might be contrasted with career politicians in that respect. Doctors help people who need help. Career politicians make speeches about whose face should be put on a dime, or whose name should be put on a road. Doctors work to make life better for real people. Career politicians work to get reelected. Doctors take care. Career politicians take credit.
Just another reason why Tom Hayhurst needs to represent us in Washington.

And thanks to our brothers and sisters in organized labor - other than the aforementioned event, the picnic was once again great fun for all.

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