Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The "Liberty to Hope" Tour

CONNERSVILLE - The Barry Welsh for Congress Campaign is finishing in the same manner that they have operated under this entire election cycle, on the road. The Welsh Campaign is announcing “The Liberty to Hope Tour”. Welsh will cover 14 counties in 2 days on Saturday November 1st and Sunday November2nd.(See schedule below)

Barry Welsh will begin the tour in Liberty, in Union County on Saturday Morning, and end the tour on Sunday in Hope, In Bartholomew County. Welsh said,
“The reason for this tour is two fold, first to thank all of the tens of thousands of people that have already voted for us in early voting and to thank all of those that are working everyday for change. We also want to give a thank you and final opportunity to speak to all of our fellow candidates across the ticket. In addition to the well deserved thank yous, the tour also gives undecided voters a final chance to come out and meet me in person and ask questions that will inform their vote.

The voters will be able to see me in person and make up their own minds. That is yet another of the differences between my opponent and myself. For me it’s all about the people, and not the big money special interests. We have been to all of the counties numerous times, but we wanted to do one final tour of this great area. We are very excited about this tour, and are confident that it will push us over the top on November 4th. We will be in support of Gov. Candidate Jill Long Thompson and Lt. Gov. Candidate Dennie Oxley as much as possible when their tour comes through the district, but we are going out one final time on our own tour just to say thank you once again to the voters.”

For more information visit or call 765-465-7020

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