Monday, October 20, 2008

Knuth responds to GOP dirty tricks - Asks GOP Chair to take action on bogus Web site

Fort Wayne, IN – Today Allen County Council Candidate Kevin Knuth called on GOP Chairman Steve Shine to clarify the local Republican Party’s position on recent smear tactics that appear to be the work of one of its members. In a letter to Shine, Knuth noted that over the weekend, a “parody” Web site ( was launched. This site asks for donations to be sent to the Allen County GOP. Knuth’s real site is The parody site uses graphics stolen from the official site to make it appear real. “The site is offensive. It does not reflect my campaign for Council,” said Knuth. “Further, it goes far beyond parody as it makes an attempt to funnel donations to the GOP.”

A search of Internet records indicates that the bogus website is hosted on the same servers as websites for the Allen County GOP, the Allen County Sheriff and others. All of these sites are controlled by TEK Interactive. Dan Turkette is listed as “Principal Owner” of TEK according to Better Business Bureau Records, and is a well known GOP insider and a member of the Allen County GOP Central Committee. In addition Turkette is a founding member of the Allen County Conservative Breakfast Club. “I am concerned that the attempt to raise donations on this site will confuse those who may want to support my campaign. Shine needs to clarify the GOP’s position on this dirty trick. He should publicly denounce the move and cut all business ties between the GOP and TEK immediately. Failure to do so shows he approves of this meddling in the electoral process,” stated Knuth.

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Charlotte A. Weybright said...

Do you really think Shine will do anything this close to the election?

I remember two years ago when the "illegal" sign supporting Fries for Sheriff was hung over Clinton/U.S. 27.

Several of us called to complain of the violation. I called the state, and I called the local department. The state even admitted it shouldn't have been put up.

All we and I got was the run around. And before you knew it, the election was over, and the sign was still up.

I am banking Shine will look the other way as long as possible and try to stall past the election.

Some people have posted on my blog with no comment but put in the bogus website. I have been taking the posts off as soon as I see them.