Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Barry Welsh on the Delaware County Election Board Hearing

From Barry:

Today I attended a meeting of the Delaware County Election Board in support of all Ball State Students; the board's purpose was to explore the idea of opening an early voting center on the Ball State University Campus. Clearly, from the input given, the overwhelming majority of those attending this meeting were in favor of establishing such a center. The Board was informed that almost every other major University in Indiana had already established such centers. Testimony from University officials and Student Government representatives indicated they not only endorse the idea but they are also willing to offer financial logistical support. This is an idea whose time has come. The Election Board has scheduled another meeting on Wednesday September 17, at 1pm to answer questions that one board member had, and to give consideration to establishing a voting center on campus that would help students and serve as a pilot for possible additional centers around Delaware County. This is a bipartisan issue and so today I am inviting my fellow Congressional Candidates, Mr. Mike Pence and Mr. George Holland, and our two Gubernatorial Candidates, Jill Long-Thompson and Mitch Daniels, along with any Elected Official from State and Local government to join with me in attending next weeks meeting, or to send a letter to support this very bold imitative. Our young people are our future, and we need to support their efforts.

Barry Welsh

In addition, Barry faxed the following letter to Mike Pence:

Honorable Congressman Pence,

I am writing to ask you to join me in a bipartisan effort to benefit a community in our district. I am speaking of the area in and around Ball State University.

While we disagree on many issues, I hope that we share the same belief in the fundamental right of voting. The Delaware County Election Board is voting next Wednesday at 1 PM on placement of an early voting center on the campus of Ball State University. I hope you can join me or send a letter of support.

I believe that we should make voting as accessible as possible and especially to communities such as our State Universities out of which come the leaders, and elected officials of tomorrow. Ball State University should be allowed to join the other leading universities in Indiana which already successfully operate early voting centers. I trust you will agree.

The President of Ball State University supports this effort and has offered space and financial contributions. The Presidents of The Ball State Republicans and Democrats are supporting this in a bipartisan manner, and I am asking you, Congressman, to join me in following their example. The only reason to deny such a proposal would be playing party politics, and the future is too important for that. Voting should be a habit and we can make that happen by not allowing Voting to be a hassle.

Please join me in supporting this move to the future for the future.


Barry Welsh

6th District Democratic Candidate for United States Congress

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