Sunday, September 07, 2008

Are You Better Off?

. . .than you were 8 years ago?


Jeff Pruitt said...

I saw that ad a few weeks ago - devastatingly effective. The campaign should run it...

J Q Taxpayer said...

Hay guys... you know why wages has gone down... Look south at the border. When you allow millions to pour into a country and they take jobs for 4-5 bucks an hour what do you think they are going to do to the average????

No they are not the total fault by they play a major roll in Obama's numbers. So until the Democrats help close off this human wave the numbers will continue to go down.

Obama talks about how screwed up health care and it is screwed up. But when we spend billions of dollars for the millions that come across our borders it sure does not help it.

I advise to do some internet search work about people pouring into the hospitals along Mexico. These people, ill or even shot get across the boarder. They are treated and then return to Mex. Guess who is left footing the bad. Either the local hospital, the state or Medicad.

Open your eyes a little and think about right here in Allen County. Ask Parkview, St. Joseph, Luthern, and Dupont how many hundreds of thousands of dollars go uncollected from this kind of stuff?

No shutting off the boarder will not fix health care or the wage drop but it will have a major impact on it.

I am done and thank you letting me post.