Monday, August 04, 2008

Stormy Day in Aboite

I snapped these shots with my cell phone around 11 AM this morning at the Village at Coventry; I don't recall ever having seen a storm like this before. Shortly before these pictures, the sky was overcast, and looked dark off to the west. I then observed what looked like a white band across the front of a dark band of clouds roll across the horizon. There was wind and lightning in the cloud formation, but no rain fell during it's passover.

As the formation passed overhead, one could observe it to appear to be pushing the lighter sky in front of it out of it's way as it moved eastward. Then, within 2-3 minutes, blue skies and white clouds appeared behind the dark mass. You can see that in the back of this photo:

Here are a couple of linear shots as the storm reached the shopping center:

The blue skies and clouds behind the front didn't last long; the real storm was moments behind them and poured rain for about 30 minutes before finally clearing.

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Pete C said...

Those are some really dramatic shots. I'm still amazed that cell phones can capture this level of quality.