Saturday, July 12, 2008

TRF Parade

What started out looking to be a very bad morning for a parade, cleared up just enough and just in time for the event. When we arrived at 7:45, it was raining lightly - by 8:15 it was a steady downpour. We took refuge in Cindy's Diner and enjoyed some "garbage" while the worst of the storms passed.

Having not brought any umbrellas, Jody decided to make a quick run to Walgreen's before the parade began,, just to play it safe. She returned 15 minutes later with two beach umbrellas which we affixed to our chairs. Sandy Thompson commented on the set up as she walked by later "Looks like you guys were ready for this morning"!

Overall, turnout was extremely light - obviously due to the weather. Up until nearly the start of the parade, there was but a single line of viewers along streets which would normally have several rows of people packed in like sardines. The photo above was taken 30 minutes before the 10 AM start of the parade.

Mike and Bethany Montagano walked the crowds before the parade
"I Like Mike"

The Flintstones pass by
One of the FWPD's new 3-wheel patrols

Local blogger, Mark Carboni, was a grand marshal
Mayor Tom Henry and Sandy Kennedy
Police Chief Rusty York
Wayne Township Trustee Rick Stevenson
Ft.Wayne for Peace - Driven by Bruce Hall

And. . .


Joe said...

Nice visual coverage of the TRF parade! Thanks for sharing!

Kevin Whaley said...


I'll second Joe's comment! Nice work.

Carbo said...

Though a bit soggy, your coverage was a bright reflection of the first day of the Festival.