Tuesday, July 08, 2008

GOP challenge to Knuth candidacy tossed

“I know it’s going to depress Mr. Shine that they are going to have to win the race in the ballot box rather than on a technicality” - Kevin Knuth

The Allen County Election Board speedily dismissed ACRP Chair Steve Shine’s challenge of rival Democrat Kevin Knuth’s candidacy for the Allen County Council. Speedily, as in within hours of Shines filing on Monday morning.

Shine claimed that Knuth’s appointment "wasn’t valid because of missing paperwork in the filing as it didn’t include a copy of an authorization form granting Democratic Chairman Mike Bynum the authority to fill ballot vacancies":

State law allows party caucuses to fill ballot vacancies if nobody files for an office, or the party precinct officials can grant that authority to the chairman so a caucus is not necessary. The deadline to fill vacancies was last week. Knuth’s filing for one of the party’s council vacancies did not include a copy of that authorization.

Shine said this means either Bynum was never given authorization or the paperwork was filed incorrectly, but the election board disagreed.

Though the form says a copy must be attached to each filing, the election board’s past practice has allowed chairs to file one omnibus letter to cover all filings in a year, according to Andy Downs, Democratic board member. Downs said Monday afternoon the letter was properly filed for Bynum and the board will not meet to discuss Shine’s complaint. Instead, it will send a letter to Shine explaining the situation.

Perhaps Shine, pictured here after his disappointment, should pay more attention to his daily regimen than to the affairs of those who continually best him. . .

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