Thursday, June 05, 2008

Notes on the IN Dem's State Convention

From: ACDP Vice-Chair Deb Morrone:

Have I MENTIONED that it is a GREAT YEAR to be a DEMOCRAT? (It is Always a great year to be a Democrat in fact)

I am very pleased to announce that Allen County has filled our allotment of delegates to the Indiana State Democratic Convention--AND we currently have a waiting list. Allen County will be sending 110 (our max allotment) of the 220 total Third Congressional District delegates to the convention!

This will be an exciting event--we have a great mix of first time and experienced delegates. Allen Co. also has several outstanding candidates running for many of the National Delegate slots. We have people running in the District Delegate Race, in the At Large Delegate race, in the Party Leader Elected Official Race, etc. We wish them ALL well.

The convention is the evening of Friday, June 20 and Saturday, June 21 at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott. An agenda has now been posted online at It is very informative-try to take a look at it prior to the conference.

For those of you with National Delegate aspirations, there is a link to very informative site detailing what to expect, etc. If you are elected, you will get many more details from the Party.

Delegates: PLEASE be sure to attend the next breakfast meeting on June 14. We will have all up to date information for you there. Also, we have had many inquiries about car pools to the event. Just after the breakfast meeting we will provide you and opportunity to get together with other delegates and explore sharing transportation. Whether you plan to go down on Friday OR Saturday, you should be able to find someone willing to share a ride! (Remember, parking is in excess of $25 and gas may be Over the $4.00 mark...this may be a great idea for many!!)

If you plan to stay over on Friday at the Marriot, remember to mention the convention to get the reduced rate. (A link to the Marriott is also on the INDEMS.ORG site) Some convention-goers have had great success with the travel websites and have been able to find 4-star downtown hotels at a much lower rate)

The Third District Caucus begins at 9:00 am on Saturday!

If you have additional questions--or even want to try your luck on the delegate waiting list, please let us know. Email us at

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