Sunday, June 01, 2008

Local Treasures

A little over a week ago, Kevin Whaley ,published a post about Foster Park, the suspension bridge to be precise. I've enjoyed that site since I was a teenager a long long time ago, and have enjoyed sharing it with my kids as well. Today we made the trip there once more:

Samantha and Sabrina on the north end of the bridge

The bridge, looking north from the park side
A side view from a park trail

*Note to our out-of-town readers: Our rivers aren't actually dirty. They've always looked the way that they appear today; it's the local soil that colors them so muddily.

Views of the St.Mary's River from the bridge
One of many huge old sycamore trees along the riverbank

Just one of the many treasures to be found in our fair city. . .


Charlotte said...


Great pictures. I agree that most people don't understand why our rivers look dirty.

We don't have control over that!

Thieme Drive is now free of the clay dike, and I am working on a presentation to city council, parks department, or whoever will listen to me that we should clean up Thieme Drive for our local community.

During the summer, we get hundreds of carriages down Thieme Drive, and I just think the City is missing a wonderful opportunity to beautify Thieme Drive (without slapping up a wall).

Kevin Whaley said...


Thanks for linking to the site within your post.

I only discovered that this bridge existed just a couple of months ago. A coworker told me about it and I was surprised because I'd been through Foster but never noticed the bridge. Guess I was riding a little to fast on my bike!

John Good said...

Charlotte - I agree. Fort Wayne needs to embrace it's rivers. I think we're slowly getting to that point of view. . .

Kevin - You're quite welcome. If you don't already know this, on Bluffton Road, look for the break in the fence roughly 100 feet east of Curly's Village Inn - that's the bridge entrance from that side.

Abigail Frost said...

I too love our rivers, they are beautiful. The clay bottom and suspended sediment make them that color. My email flagged me because you had pictures of the river. I am the founder of Save Maumee Grassroots Organization and the color is the least of our problems. If you would like to know more about the conditions of our river and threats to our river's please check out my website!
Abigail Frost

J Q Taxpayer said...

It amazes me that this bridge has held up so well over the years. We use to ride the full lenght of Rudisell to get to Foster Park. We would play around the bridge for a while, eat our lunch and spend some time fishing the river before heading back home. What a great day it made back in the late 50's and early 60's.