Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Message from Barry Welsh

I represent that change!

Our country is at a crossroads. We can do something we have not done for a number of years, we can progress, we can move forward, we can change how things are, or we can continue on the path that this country has been driven down. We can have change or we can have more of the same. I represent change.

Our nation is spending two hundred and twenty thousand dollars a minute in Iraq and even though it may not be in the news, we continue to loose brave soldiers in a mounting number. We can vote for 100 more years of war or we can make a change. I represent that change.

We can work toward providing health coverage for all citizens and take the burden off of citizens and employers, or we can keep sending to Washington those that have the attitude of "I have mine, too bad about everybody else", because that is the attitude of those that will not even support S-CHIP legislation for the kids. We need to make certain that everyone has access to health care and seniors have affordable prescriptions. I represent that change.

Our district has lost manufacturing jobs, and unions are being threatened with extinction, and this district has one of the highest poverty levels in the nation, and yet for seven years we have been told that the economy is great. We can have more of that, or we can have change. I represent that change.

I have a background, not only in ministry and caring for the least among us, but also in economics and finance. I was a national merit scholar; I am a good candidate and will make you proud as your representative. My opponent has a background in radio, and comes from a family of big oil. We can have more of the same, or we can change and send someone that knows and cares about your economy. I represent that change.

Our economy needs fixing. We need real economic stimulus, not the government's version of a buy out. I have the answer. Let's start making things in America and quit buying from China as there is always a threat of poison. If you want to stimulate the economy, put the good workers of America back to work making quality American products with a living wage, that will stimulate the economy. I represent that change

I am standing for office with the same positions, and on the same issues as last cycle, because I was right two years ago, and I am right now, and that should tell you I am more than qualified and deserving of your support and your vote. I had enough two years ago, and you did too, and now everybody else is catching up with us, and it is our time. It is time to take our district back. It is time to change. It is time to have the focus back on the communities, and not on the career of the congressman. It is time to hearken to the days of Phil Sharp and Lee Hamilton, when the communities and the people, were the focus of the representative, not the corporations, and the Washington D.C. lobbyists. My opponent often says he is a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican in that order, and doesn't mention American. It is time we had someone from this district that put the citizens of this great nation ahead of their allegiance to their political party. I represent that change.

My friends, I have struggled, and I have over come. I have been knocked down, and I have gotten back up. This is something that most of you can identify with, because you have been knocked down, and you got back up. I had a lung disease when I was a little boy and I was not supposed to make it, but I over came. I had a head injury when I was in high school and I was not supposed to make it, but I over came. They said I was too small to play football, so I earned a college scholarship. I over came. You have also over come, and together, we shall overcome. We have to. We have to have change. We have to take our country back. We have to defend our rights and our constitution. We shall overcome, because we have to. The alternative is not acceptable. We have to change. Together we can make that change happen. There is no one that is inevitable. There is no one that is unbeatable. There is a time for change, and this is that time. I represent that change.

I am asking for your support, your contributions, your voice in spreading the message, I am asking you to go to, our website, I am asking for your time on your computer in sending emails, your phone in making calls, and I am asking for one of the most precious things you have, I am asking for your vote.

There is a time for change and this is that time. I represent that change. Together we will make that change happen.

Thank you for all that you do and God Bless you, now on to victory.

- Barry Welsh

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