Friday, February 08, 2008

Matt Kelty's Motion to Dismiss is Denied

As expected the judge denied Kelty's motion to dismiss - I doubt this was a real shock to anybody. Dan Turkette of Fort Wayne News was in the courthouse and you can read his coverage here.

According to Turkette the trial date was set for Aug 18 in order to give the defense time to appeal the judge's ruling. Seems like a waste of time and money to me - money Kelty surely doesn't have at this point...


bobett said...

Whitley Judge applies case law by not understanding Federal & State campaign laws?

Kelty has been paying back loan contributions and his home is up for sale.

Sigler & sons get a life, we do not want to pay your way of justice by the abuse of public taxpayers.

Kevin said...


Kelty's house is NOT for sale.

bobett said...

Kevin I hope Mr. Kelty does not have to put his home up for sale to pay for his defense regardless of the legal semantics on what is a contribution v.s. a loan.

So why did the media publish this:
By Kathleen Quilligan
of The News-Sentinel
Former Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty said Tuesday he intends to put his Florida Drive home on the market this spring to help pay off personal debt.

Kevin said...


Good question! Kelty's lawyers said in court that "he is selling his home".

However, it is NOT for sale yet.

I will also point out, that according to Kelty's grand jury testimony, if he sells his house AND his lake cottage he still would not have enough money to pay back the "loans". He does not have $150,000 in equity in those properties.

He has no other relevant collateral.