Thursday, February 14, 2008

Final Post From Fort Wayne Left

To All,

I wanted to let all the readers of this site know that this will be my final post at Fort Wayne Left. I want to publicly thank John Good and Robert Rouse for allowing me to post here as well as helping me out with technical difficulties from time to time. Over the last year or so I have tried to do my part to make this a site that readers would enjoy knowing that they will be getting a unique perspective on local news and politics.

While I am stepping away from Fort Wayne Left, I am not leaving the local blogosphere. I am in the process of finalizing the design of a new site - Fort Wayne Politics. FWP will continue to provide my coverage of local politics but I want the site to be bigger than just me - thus the site will have additional authors that will be contributing as well.

I don't want to give any details about the new site right now but suffice to say we're going to try and expand our coverage and do even more than we've done in the past. I'm not sure what John has in store for this site but if he chooses to continue it then I will continue to visit and I would encourage others to as well.

Also, I want to thank all of the people that took the time to read, comment or e-mail me here at FWL. Blogging has been a blast and I have sincerely enjoy the interaction with all of you. I hope you'll consider making the move with me over to Fort Wayne Politics.

Permanently signing off from Fort Wayne Left,



Anonymous said...


Your impact on the local blogosphere has been tremendous. I look forward to your continued posting on Fort Wayne Politics.


Phil Marx said...


It's been fun partying with you here dude! I'll stop by and visit when you get moved into the new "house".

I hope John and Robert continue with Fort Wayne Left. If not, I hope it will be left open for people to view for a while. A lot of good conversations have taken place here.

dan said...

Best to you, Jeff, in your new pursuit in the media-blog expanding era. I hope FWL prevails and that both blogs have success.

Karen Goldner said...

What they said.

I am looking forward to FW Politics and hope that FWL will continue as well.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for all your diligent work in the blogosphere.

Looking forward to your new blog!

Charlotte A. Weybright said...


Congratulations on your move! I always know that I can read your articles and be kept well-informed about Fort Wayne issues.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Thanks everyone - see you soon...

John Good said...

Best wishes on your new venture, Jeff! And I thank you for your innumerable contributions to FWL.