Thursday, February 07, 2008

Board of Public Safety Denies Appeal Against Local Blogger

The JG reports that a citizen tried to file an appeal with the Public Safety Board against Fort Wayne Police Department officer, and local photo-blogger, Everett White. The appeal was denied:
Denied a citizen appeal from John Mosley, who alleged that officer Everett White used pepper spray in Mosley’s car outside Piere’s Entertainment Center in November. Mosley complained to an off-duty officer who was working security at the club.

According to the off-duty officer’s report, Mosley and his companion did not appear to be suffering from any effects of the pepper spray. The report also said customers had been known to spray Piere’s staff and other customers.

City Attorney Carol Taylor said she found nothing to support that White had violated the police department’s rules or regulations.

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Dan said...

Good for Everett. However, it wasn't Everett White the blogger that sprayed this perp, it was Everett White the police officer.