Monday, January 14, 2008

Target Sucks

Just a short personal rant today. Yesterday I went to return some gifts at Target and I didn't have a receipt. However, they were items bought off of a gift registry and the registry clearly marks what items were bought and how many were bought. So one would think this would qualify as a receipt - but no. In fact they would only let me return $40 worth of items for store credit. So I had a bagful of items that they knew came from Target and yet they wouldn't even return them for store credit.

Most major retailers understand that many people just don't give gift receipts and thus they adjust their return policy to account for that. Target chooses to treat all their customers as criminals - what a business strategy. On top of that I later tried calling the store to talk to the manager on 5 separate occasions and nobody ever answered phone. All those employees and yet nobody picks up the phone?

Target Sucks


Anonymous said...

I see Target as the yuppie cousin of Walmart and Meijer.

Phil Marx said...

They couldn't answer the phone because they were all busy watching for shoplifters.

bobett said...

I'm a firm believer at buying locally.

It's a shame we have lost local

Sheri said...

Sorry you had a bad experience. I love Target and have never had an issue. They are sticklers for the rules though. If a business makes a policy it is the employees job to enforce it. Even though they knew these items came from Target, they would have no idea what the person paid for them if they got them on sale or on clearance without that receipt.

By the way, they do have really clean bathrooms. LOL

Jeff Pruitt said...


Most places just give you the lowest price over the last 30 days.

In fact that's what Target did but only up to their $20 limit...