Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rachel Blakeman Named New Public Information Officer

Rachel Blakeman, who ran the blog Be Part of the Solution, was being considered for the PIO position within the Henry administration. Rachel frequently updated her content until a few days ago when it went dead. Now her blog has been taken down completely so obviously that was a flag that she had been offered the PIO position.

I have now confirmed that she has accepted the PIO position. I want to offer my congratulations to Rachel and say kudos to the Henry transition team for selecting what I'm sure will be a great PIO. For those that might not remember I made a post shortly after the election suggesting that Henry choose Rachel for the PIO position:
I don't think it's any big secret that there has been some frustration between citizens of this community and the current administration's public information office. While I believe Mayor Richard has done a fine job overall in running this city I definitely see this as one area that needs improvement. In order to realize this improvement the city needs a public information officer that understands marketing, traditional media and new media. I think this is an easy choice and I'd like to throw my recommendation out there.

Rachel Blakeman

Rachel was a reporter for the JG, currently works in marketing in sales and also runs a great new blog entitled Be Part of the Solution. Now Rachel has absolutely no idea that I'm writing this so I don't know what her reaction will be. However, I would encourage Rachel to send her resume to the Henry transition team and I'll definitely send my letter of recommendation as well (for what that's worth).

Again, congratulations to Rachel!


Karen Goldner said...

Hooray for Rachel - she will do a great job!

Parson said...

congratulations! I think she was a really good choice. I'm going to miss her blog though.

dan said...

The New Mayor just sent the public a welcome message. Rachel is as close to an open door as the public could hope.

Kevin Whaley said...

I've watched Rachel's blog for quite some time now and I am pleased that she has found a place in city government.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

Congrats to Rachel - and what a relief. I kept trying to get onto her blog to read it, and it kept telling me I had to be invited.

I thought I had been blackballed. :)

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Congrats to Rachel as well.

Unfortunately the side effect with BPOTS now obliterated from cyberspace, her banter and analysis and part of our City's historical record is lost for future bloggers to enjoy. I used her analysis to balance my own on certain thoughts and issues and the give and take across the blogosphere of Fort Wayne has lost a great contributer to the conversation.

I hope and pray that at some pointe she will make an archive available. I also wish her the best as she explores these new opportunities to keep the citizen informed and government as transparent as possible.

BTW, Jeff, thank you for the information.

J Q Taxpayer said...

Rachel will do well as the PIO. By being around the blog world she understands what people are looking for in the way of information.

She has a good flair of presenting her side of the story. Regardless if you agree or not. This too is a great tool for the PIO.

We here in the small blog world have lost a good one but the people of Fort Wayne has gained a great person.

You go girl!!!!!! You earned it, you can do it, and you will make all of us bloggers happy campers.