Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Party Like It's 1983!

We don't talk much sports here at FWL but for the first time since 1983 the Kansas State Wildcats have beaten the Kansas Jayhawks in basketball in Manhattan, KS. Let me just say that I've watched a lot of losses over the years - hell when I was a student I couldn't afford season tickets so I took a job working the concession stand just so I could watch the games for free - and we never beat KU. So I'm going to celebrate this one. EMAW!

Oh yea, city coucil legislative assistant Molly McCray is a KU alumn so I'll be sure to wear my purple sweatshirt at the next council meeting...

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Karen Goldner said...

A KU-grad friend (yes, I do try to be open and diverse in my circle of acquaintances) had the nerve to think she was insulting me by bragging about KU beating Nebraska, my alma mater, in basketball this season. At Nebraska, we think that our men's BB team going to the NIT is as good as it gets, so bragging about beating us is just silly...although her comments about KU's victory in football really stung. :-)

So I will admit to some bitter pleasure in congratulating you, Jeff, on your Wildcats' victory.

Rock chalk indeed.