Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mike Montagano for Congress

Last Wednesday 3rd District congressional candidate Mike Montagano was the guest speaker at the Allen County Democratic Party luncheon club. I have been extremely skeptical of Montagano going into this race, but I was pleasantly surprised after meeting him and listening to what he had to say. It's obviously difficult to get the positions of a candidate after such a brief encounter but in general I liked what he had to say - especially on topics of trade and fiscal responsibility. Montagano will be announcing his candidacy tomorrow at 11am at the Embassy Theatre for those interested in hearing him for yourself.

My initial thought on Montagano was that he's just some young guy jumping into the race because he can. But I'm warming to the fact that he's a serious candidate with good ideas. I'm not sold yet but with Herb Summers backing off his plans to challenge him in a primary I suppose I don't have a choice anyway.

Mark Souder is simply not an option. I would encourage everyone, including Republicans, to take a serious look at Montagano and decide if this district needs new representation. Remember the Democrats are going to have a majority in the House regardless of this race so now might be the time for Republicans to send Souder packing and bring in some new blood for 2010.

Just a thought...

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John Good said...

Jeff - Not to mention that Montagano knows how to raise money. Perhaps someday we'll get beyond that even being an issue, but for now it really does matter.