Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mark Souder Loves Lobbyists

Thomas at Blue Indiana links to a story describing Congressman Mark Souder's cozy relationship with Washington DC lobbyists:
Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.), who's appealing for funds early after a tough reelection campaign in 2006, is hosting a series of small breakfasts and happy hours for lobbyists at Tortilla Coast and the Capitol Hill Club. Suggested contribution: $1,000per PAC, $500 per individual.

So who's interests do think he serving while in Congress? I'll give you two choices:

A) Taxpayers of the 3rd District
B) Lobbyists lining his pocket with multi-thousand dollar contributions

But don't worry, he's still going to single-handedly win the "War on Drugs"...


KirkM said...

I wonder if the Kelty supporters are gonna forgive Mr. Souder for pulling the rug beneath them?

I have a funny story concerning my visit with the congressman in D.C. about two years ago.

My family went to Washington D.C. for a weeklong, family vacation around Labor Day. It had been three or four days since Katrina leveled (according to the current administration) the 'city of Louisiana.'

He cordially greets my family and launches into an unending diatribe of how busy he has been. Souder is fumbling through paperwork and reminding the 12 visitors inside his office that he is very busy as he has many meetings with several congressmen (name dropped Lugar)to oversee the 'Katrina Problem.' His time will be short with us and his body language spells...'I'm too busy for these people.'

As I walk into Mr. Souder's office, I noticed the Notre Dame paraphernalia scattered around as though it were a shrine (not Shine). It had been two days since Charlie Weiss coached and won his first ND Football game against Pitt. For ND fans, the 'return to glory' train seemed destined for championship dreams.

I was hoping the congressman would ask me, after 11 driving hours, how I was doing. "Is there anything I can do for you, Kirk?

That didn't happen! As Souder is going on and on about his important part in the wake of our worst natural disaster in years, I became tired of the hot air and blurted out,

"So...Mark...How 'bout those Irish!" He turned to me and was dumbfounded as though he couldn't imagine someone asking a normal question. He had difficulty as he was grasping for any extemporaneous comment.

Left him in his Blue & Gold dust to go speak with his angry male WOWO buddies.

gadfly said...

I am not sure that I understand exactly what is unusual for a Washington er ...Warshington politician to hobnob and take contributions from lobbyists. There is nothing illegal about such activity and both parties and almost all politicians do what Souder does.

Phil Marx said...

The only people Souder (or any other politician) should be accepting money from are their own constituents. Corporate America doesn't care about the third district. It cares about itself. Mark Souder chooses the interest of corporate America over the residents in his districts and that is wrong.

Other Congressmen may be doing the same thing, but they don't pretend to represent me, as Souder does. That being said, I'm sure his Democratic challenger is taking plenty of labor and other PAC money from people who don't live here.

ROACH said...

google "mark souder and dea"
he's the biggest narc on the planet.
I'm for enforcing the laws, because we're a nation of laws, supposedly; but drug laws are stupid, and I have a whole list to change them- keep them away from minors, dont be a "pusher", take the greed/profit/crime factor away, by decriminalizing (not legalizing drugs). simple civil fine. dont blow smoke at the cops.
europe has a lot of common sense laws, that we should adopt.
that being said-
congressman souder is another religious fundamentalist extremist nutjob kool-aid drinker, exactly the kind of religious terrorist we are fighting also overseas.
and it IS FAIR to make his weird belief about religious, and his proselytizing his lifestyle on the rest of us. freedom and liberty are our birth rights. everything souder does is based on his kooky world view and religious bias.
sorta like "chuckabee"- whos sounding more loony-toons every day.
but we dont know anything about his likely opponent "FEZ" montagano( they do kind of look alike?)
except montagano is a kid, who doesnt know anything- no political, or worldy wisdom from living 50 years on this earth. a law degree. woo hoo. see his web site- what are his stands on any issues? why hasnt he leapt on any earned media opportunities, such as the recent iranian gun boat issue? or bush selling gps jdams to the saudis? or the economy? or health care? or education ? or any of the myriad of issues out there?
is he a veteran? what does he beleive about a womans right to choose? gun rights? domestic partner benefits? the war in iraq?
illegal immigrants? we dont know anything about "FEZ"
hmmm. where's the FEC-1 form. Maybe I should run? I'm liberal where its important, conservative where it make sense. US out of IRAQ! end the war.