Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Councilwoman Goldner Explains Vote To Table GPS

For those that might of missed it, councilwoman Karen Goldner is now a contributor to the Allen County Democratic Party blog. In her first substantive post she describes, in detail, why she chose to table the administration's request to put GPS in FWPD squad cars.

Goldner is taking advantage of the blogosphere in a way no other councilmember is and for that she should be commended. Welcome to the Fort Wayne blogosphere Karen!


Pete said...

Thanks for spreading the word. Goldner's post is informative and helpful.

Karen Goldner said...

Thanks, gentlemen. I do plan to do this from time to time as long as it's something people find interesting. I'm not good at cool video or funny photoshop or even clever clipart like other bloggers; my stuff will be wonkier. Just ask Tracy Warner.

de_tokeville said...

For those that might HAVE missed it. HAVE.