Friday, January 11, 2008

Changing of the Guard

In approximately 11 hours, the leadership of the Allen County Democratic Party will pass from Kevin Knuth to Mike Bynum. As noted in my previous post, I am very happy that Mike has stepped up to fill this position; his qualifications are impeccable and I believe in his leadership and his future guidance of the party. This post, however, is directed towards the past, Kevin Knuth, and where he has led us.

In a local newspaper article, Kevin stated that his style differs from Mike's - that he's more of the "kick down the door type" while Mike is more of a consensus builder. I'm all for pulling together, but I, for one, will miss the pitbull that Kevin was in the local media. Kevin gave no rest to the opposition; calling them out on everything he could find. THEY will not miss you; the rest of us will!

Every time that I read a blog post or media story regarding "why does the ACDP Chair spend so much time "attacking" the local GOP" I was filled with pride that you were digging up the dirt that was so easy to find, yet so unexpected from a local party who felt that they were safe from any repercussions from their actions. You alone have brought accountability to the ACRP - whether or not they learn the lesson is up to them.

Kevin (and Brenda) - We thank your for your hard work to move our party forward! Indeed, the Allen County Democratic Party has replaced the Shine Machine as Indiana's Premiere Political Party!

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