Sunday, November 18, 2007

Progressive and Proud of it!

What are YOU for?


Rachel said...

Very cute. I liked how it was a spoof of the popular Mac v. PC ads. Don't we all know conservatives in Allen County just like this.

jini said...

i like it. the thing the con didn't say was he is mostly for himself. sad isn't it?

Parson said...

I was thinking that too,

Pro: what are you for?

Con: Me, "you’re on your own" - "I got mine good luck, and keep your hands off mine."

Speakeasyhoosier said...

Pro: "People are generally stupid, selfish and don't care about other people."

Con: "But I care about people. I help my neighbor, I volunteer at my church soup kitchen, I give to the needy. I built a company with hard working, honest people that have provided for their families for generations as we've worked together to build a reputable business. I am honest on my tax returns..."

Pro: "Yeah right! It's too late, now shut up an give me your money because I am smarter, more caring and will do it right."

Con: "But I think working together we can make sure everybody is cared for..."

Pro: "I am right, you are wrong, now just be quiet, put your "values" on the shelf where they belong and let ME do what needs to be done!"

Con: "But...we CAN work together, can't we?"

Pro: "No! I am right..."

Con: "But WE..."

Pro: "It's not about 'WE' because 'WE' have blown it, it's now up to ME!"

Con: "But WE.."

Pro: "ME!"

Con: "WE.."

Pro: "ME! ME!! ME!!!"

[depends on your perspective :)]