Monday, November 19, 2007

Montagano Challenger

A previous post mentioned that there would likely be a challenger for Mike Montagano in the 3rd District Congressional race. However, I was contacted and asked to hold off before making the challenger's name public - which I did. But the speculation can now end as I spoke with the likely challenger today and he gave me permission to post his information. The likely challenger is:

Herb Summers

For those that might not remember, Herb Summers recently ran for Allen County Recorder in 2006 but lost to John McGauley.

First off, I want to say that Herb would only go as far as saying he is "strongly considering" running and that no official decision has been made. Now what do I think? I think this is good for the Democratic party and especially for Montagano. As most of you know I'm a firm believer in voters determining their representation and not DC elites, county chairmen or anyone else. Also, Herb will challenge Montagano and toughen him up for a potentially nasty battle with a seasoned incumbent like Mark Souder.

But I'm certainly not suggesting that a Montagano victory would somehow be inevitable. The guy has very little experience and thus will have to convince people that he's a viable candidate and alternative to Souder. Also a lot of voters in the 3rd District are located right here in Fort Wayne and Allen County where Herb is from. I wouldn't expect Herb to be able to raise the kind of money Montagano can so I don't see this primary as one that would drain the Montagano coffers if he were to win.

Considering Montagano's age, lack of experience, and residence outside the county district (until after he announced his run), it would be a shame if the Democratic Party couldn't field another candidate for a primary run against him...

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Anonymous said...

I will gladly support just about anyone who wishes to unseat Souder.