Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Kudos to Jennifer Jeffrey and the entire Libertarian Party of Allen County as they actually did much better than I thought they would. They were the deciding factor in the 2nd district council race as well as the at large council race. I'm sure none of them truly expected a victory this cycle so the goal should've been to affect the outcome of the races and they did that in a major way.

After hearing the anouncement that Goldner had won by 13 votes I went over to the Thirsty Camel to seek out John Bartels who was the Libertarian candidate in that district in order to thank him. Unfortunately he had just left but if you're reading this Mr Bartels I just want to say congratulations and that you should be very proud of your campaign effort and your party. The same thing goes to the at large candidates. If Jennifer can find a way to build on this success then the LPAC may become a major player in Allen County politics...

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Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Thank you, sincerely, Jeff. And all the phone calls and emails which have flooded me today.

It was, indeed, an historic year not only because we had 8 candidates on the ballot, but also because people came out to vote in favor of the Libertarian candidates.

We weren't 'in it' to sway any race, as some would believe. We never ran it to throw off any one party. We were in it to give the people of Fort Wayne a choice in their government. I believe if people had been satisfied with the way the Democrats or Republicans were behaving with their policies in government, then they would have voted for those parties.

There are unintended consequences to a situation like this. Every side will tell you it affected them and the Libertarians were to blame for something which did not go in their favor.

The bottom line being, the people of Fort Wayne affected how their government will be run for the next 4 years.

With more money, better organization, and motivated voters the Libertarians CAN get elected in Allen County.