Wednesday, November 07, 2007

John Crawford

In the midst of celebrating last night's victories I didn't get a chance to post my thoughts on Councilman John Crawford's loss. While the poor showing from mayoral candidate Matt Kelty probably didn't help, I don't see that as the deciding factor. Afterall the city did elect 2 Republicans in the at large race so the question must become - why them and not Crawford? The easiest answer would be the smoking ban but that's probably a little too simplistic. I think it was a general anti-incumbancy feeling that did him in. If you were to ask the average citizen to name one member on city council the first name out of their mouth would likely be John Crawford. Typically this type of name recognition would be a positive but not in this election cycle.

I supported Crawford's re-election and I was genuinely saddened to see him defeated. Crawford should be proud of the fact that he helped move this city forward by championing the smoking ban and hopefully he'll join the rest of us to ensure it doesn't get rolled back. On the other hand voters sent a message last night that no matter how much money you spend, how popular you think your stance on issues might be, you can and will be defeated if the people perceive you are not listening to them.

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