Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Herb Summers Show

Tonight I was a guest on the Herb Summers show. Herb Summers is a member of the local Democratic party and hosts his own weekly show on public access television where he discusses politics, history and religion. It's an interesting show as Herb is quite outspoken and even directs some of his anger against members of his own political party.

Tonight's show started with two citizens that are Ron Paul supporters and they discussed his ideology and campaign. In my segment we discussed free trade, the recent fast food tax abatements and Fort Wayne Left. We didn't get a lot of time but it was a neat experience to see how hard all the volunteers work to put one of these shows together.

For those that are interested the Herb Summers show airs every Saturday at 4pm on cable channel 57 (for those with Comcast). I believe the show I did will air Nov 24 and I'll post it here at FWL as well.

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Andrew Kaduk said...

You MUST post a YouTube video of the show so those of us who are lowly Dish Network subscribers can enjoy...