Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Great Billboard Controversy

Or "How Charles and Danny wasted our time over nothing":

The famous "missing billboard" has reappeared across the street from it's original location. A tip from Brother John - look for Chris Stewart's billboard at the corner of Covington and West Jefferson; when you see it, quickly look to your left and you MAY see Harper's board before you pass it or rear end the vehicle in front of you due to your careless gawking!

I won't bore you with a rehash of the details, but rest assured that I have it on good authority that the two-hour presence of the Harper board on the same pole as the Stewart board represented a violation of Burkhart company policy. Said policy has been posted on several local blogs, so I won't cover it here in great detail. Simply stated, "competing entities will NOT be placed on the same sign post and facing the same direction". Nuff said.

Chris Stewart would have been well within his rights to object to the placement of his opponent's ad next to his own; however, he was NOT the instrument of change on this one. Burkhart merely followed their own corporate policy on such matters, and moved the ad placement to a nearby location. With less traffic. Okay, I AM gloating a little here. But considering the "throw Stewart into the volcano" response by some local blogs, can you honestly blame me??

At least *I* am willing to post the new old billboard for you here:

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