Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Bilerico Project needs your help

The Bilerico Project (, is up for the Academy Awards of blogging - in the category of Best LGBT Blog. I'd like to ask you to vote for them, please. The contest ends today at 5pm EST and they're within 200 votes of winning!

They are in the home stretch in the battle for 2007 Best LGBT Blog. Bilerico Project is in second place and they need your vote to help them move into first. You can Cast your vote here. Even if you have voted previously, you can vote again. Today is the last day, so cast your vote now.

Bilerico is where Bill Richardson went to explain his support for LGBT civil rights. Its where Representative Barney Frank went to explain his strategy for separating ENDA into two bills. Its where Lambda Legal went to counter Barney. And yesterday Representative Tammy Baldwin went to the site to talk about ENDA's passage and the fate of her amendment to include gender identity.

If it matters to the LGBT community, its being discussed on Bilerico. Winning the award for 2007 Best LGBT Blog will be huge in helping them to build the site and bring the community more debate about LGBT politics, culture, faith and finance.

Cast your vote for Bilerico now!

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