Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Are You Doing to Help Henry Win?

As a political junky you have likely already made up your mind in this year's mayoral race. If you support Tom Henry then you also know how scary the thought of Matt Kelty as mayor actually is. All of you understand what is at stake but more importantly - what are you doing to help Tom Henry win?

It is not enough to show up on election day like everybody else. People like yourselves that are this engaged in local politics need to go the extra mile. We can all sit around and discuss things on the internet but at the end of the day we need to get people to the polls. Don't sit back and think you've done your part - you can do more. We're coming down to the final push towards election day and I am certain the Henry campaign would welcome your help.

This Saturday there will be a major grassroots effort to help spread the word about why Tom Henry needs to be our next mayor. Why not call Democratic headquarters and ask to volunteer for the Henry for Mayor campaign? Take part in the nuts and bolts of campaigning - it's actually quite fun. Don't sit back 2 years from now and regret the fact that you didn't do enough to get Tom elected.

If you want to find out what you can do then call the Henry campaign and ask - 478-8239

Or if you have general questions just shoot me an e-mail -

Just do something - this is too important not to...


Rachel said...


Thanks for posting this. I am going to be out of town this weekend so I won't be able to help in Saturday's push, but I'll be there Nov. 3. to help and part of election day.

I don't want to know what it felt like to be a Nelson Peters supporter the day after the primary. Tom's supporters must do their part.

Eric White said...


I've certainly done my part, and will continue to help, but the Henry campaign needs to help themselves as well!

Shortly after they added a yard sign request form, I posted about it (Oct 12th) and helped spread the word. A blog reader recently notified me that after seeing the post, he filled out the form but he never received a sign! Also, this was the first response to my post:

"Don’t get me started on Henry yard signs. I have requested one multiple times. Finally I gave up and went to HQ to get it myself, and they were out - told me they’d bring me one - that was three weeks ago, still no sign.."

Jeff Pruitt said...

Sounds like they're having trouble in that area - maybe you or the commenter would like to volunteer to be the yard sign coordinator.

Can't be that difficult...

Wendy said...

Eric, I posted that on your site, and I did finally get my yard sign this week (after a pointed email to the Henry camp). (Just so you know it's a she, not a he.)

I am also out of town on Saturday, but I agree 100% with this post and have offered myself up as a volunteer for election day. I don't want to find myself thinking, "I should have done more."

Angie said...

Thanks for the post Jeff. Volunteers are always needed!

In regards to the yard signs, I know it has been frustrating... I'm at Democratic Headquarters at least once a week phone banking and my assessment of the situation is, that at least adminstratively, there is just sooo much to do and not enough bodies. I think top priorities at headquarters have been phone banking, door knocking and getting Tom to as many places as possible to address various groups of people. I think yard signs are important, but I think these kinds of interactions are vital to actually getting people to the polls on election day. I know everyone at headquarters have been and are working their tails off. Bill, Joe and Paul look like they hardly sleep these days. It will all be worth it, but I know volunteers are needed even more in these last 11 days.

When this campaign began, I would've rather sat through watching all the Friday the 13th movies consecutively (this is a negative thing in my world...)than work the phone banks. I was terrified, but I made myself do it and after the first few calls I started to breath again and realized it wasn't so bad. I've actually grown to enjoy it and have got to speak with Jerry Sr., many friends of the Henry family and lots of other friendly people.

So if you haven't been to headquarters yet and feel so inclined, please join us. The more the merrier. Hope to see you at headquarters soon.

Thanks again Jeff.

Dan said...

I'm doing all I can do as well ;)

Eric White said...


That's great to hear that you finally got your sign! When I said "he" I was referring to the person who personally e-mailed me about not getting a sign.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

I have been tied up getting ready for a major accreditation visit for the past two months (which we successfully passed last week), so I haven't been quite as active as I would have liked. (The accreditation visit has also taken a toll on my blog writing.)

I helped this weekend with three of my friends. We had a good time - it took four of us though. :) One to drive, one to sort and hand out door hangers, and two to run the literature to the houses.

It actually went really well. A couple of us then went walking with Chris Stewart out in Aboite.

I will also be working this next weekend and part of the day on election day.

My yard looks like a sign factory, and, I have to admit, I will kind of miss the signs when this is over.

One of my friends and I hosted an "Open House" in September for Tom and Chris. The open house was really fun, but being involved does take time and effort.

But I agree with Jeff- looking back in two years and asking "why didn't I do more" is not an acceptable option.

david said...

Please also do contact Karen Goldner and try helping her as well. I think Karen has a good shot at this and she would make a wonderful city council person.