Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prepare For the Kelty Scorched Earth Campaign

Tom Henry's campaign finance numbers are in and they show an overwhelming success in the campaign's fundraising efforts:
Henry filed his campaign finance report Tuesday, showing his campaign raised $730,293 this year. The report lists financial activity from April 14 through Friday, during which time Henry raised $646,063.

Joe Fox, Henry campaign manager, said he is pleased with the ability of Henry to raise the money needed for the campaign.

“I think Tom’s in a very strong position,” he said.

Henry has $311,449 left to spend, and he isn’t finished raising money, Fox said.

To put Henry’s financial numbers in perspective, Mayor Graham Richard had raised $846,769 by this point four years ago with $124,501 left in the bank. Richard’s Republican challenger, Linda Buskirk, raised $601,975 that year to date and had $95,519 left to spend.

While this year’s Republican nominee, Matt Kelty, has not yet filed his report – it is due by noon Friday – campaign manager Glenna Jehl said Kelty’s kitty won’t be “nearly as lucrative” as Henry’s.

“They have obviously had great success at fundraising,” she said. “My hat’s off to them.”

You can bet that after seeing these numbers the Kelty campaign immediately went to work on their negative campaigning plans. They are going to scratch up every penny they can get to try and put on a 2-3 week media blitz to drag Henry and this city through the mud. In using this strategy they will get plenty of free media coverage for their provocative and over-the-top statements. Call it the Ann Coulter campaign, the scorched earth campaign, whatever - just recognize it when you see it.

Clearly the Henry camp needs to be ready to use some of their warchest to counter this negative push from the Kelty campaign. I have no doubt the Henry campaign is ready...


LP Mike Sylvester said...

I certainly hope the Kelty campaign does not go negative!

There are many things they could discuss about TOo Henry that would not be negative including:

His penchant for raising taxes.

His lack of substance on issues to date.

The fact that he basically wants to carry on the current administration's plans while adding more Commissions and Panels.

Mike Sylvester

John Good said...

Jeff - Wow. . .on the very same day even!