Monday, October 22, 2007

Letter to the Election Board Regarding Kelty Supplemental Filing

October 22, 2007

Election Board
1 Main St - Room 136
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Members of the Election Board,

I write to request an inquiry into mayoral nominee Matt Kelty’s campaign finance report as it relates to Ind. Code Sec. 3-9-5-20.1.

Specifically, his latest CFA-4 Schedule A-1 report shows an individual contribution from Dan Turkette for $1000 on 5/3/2007 (page 12 of 133). However, there was no supplemental CFA-11 form filed for this contribution prior to the primary election on 5/8/2007. There was a large contribution from John Tippmann on the same day and that contribution did make its way into a CFA-11 before the election. It is my understanding that under state law any contribution of $1000 or more that comes after the CFA-4 deadline, but more than 48 hours before the election, must have a CFA-11 supplemental report.

I am writing to formally request that the election board investigate this matter and issue their opinion.


Jeff Pruitt

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