Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Vote is In

I hate waiting in the election lines so I decided to walk down to the Election Board office in the City-County building and cast my vote today. I would encourage others to take advantage of this if you're in the downtown area - I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.

I'm not going to do city-wide endorsements here at FWL but I decided I would share with everyone who I chose to vote for.

Mayor - Tom Henry
This decision was a no-brainer. Kelty is a train wreck and I'd like to keep the city from going down the toilet. Henry has the experience, and the support of experienced people, to keep the city moving in the right direction. He'll be an honest leader and one I think we can all be proud of.

3rd District - Deb McBride
I don't have anything particularly bad to say about Tom Didier. However, he didn't support the smoking ban and he did support Harrison Square so I simply won't support him. I've had the opportunity to speak with Deb several times and I think she would make a good councilmember. Unfortunately her campaign has been very low-key so I don't think enough voters have heard her message.

At Large - John Crawford, John Shoaff, Denise Porter-Ross
John Crawford championed the smoking ban, in an election year nonetheless, and if that were the only reason to support Crawford he would still get my vote. However, Crawford has also been very willing to engage citizens in discussion of the issues and his arguments are typically well-researched and logical.

John Shoaff is the candidate I agree with more than any other candidate on city council. He was for the smoking ban and against Harrison Square. At almost every council meeting I find myself nodding in agreement when Shoaff presents his opinion on the issues.

The toughest decision for me was between Liz Brown and Denise Porter-Ross. I've had the opportunity to meet Denise and I know how hard she works to give citizens a voice in local government. Ultimately the deciding factor for me was Liz Brown's comments at the YLNI forum where she seemed to indicate that she would support the state's current property-to-income tax redistribution option. This would significantly raise my taxes and hurt many other working class families as well.

UPDATE: I forgot to include Sandy Kennedy. She is very well respected and has done a good job as city clerk. Nobody is running against her but she likely would've received my vote anyway


Phil Marx said...

I agree that McBride's campaign has been low-key. She missed the two candidate forums that I attended, including the YLNI. Didier came to both of these. I have not seen or heard much at all from or about her. I'm sure she is campaigning, but my not having seen any evidence of it would be the chief reason to vote against her - if I lived in that district.

I agree with your endorsement of Shoaff and Ross. Harrison Square is one of the major voting issues for me this year. I was against the smoking ban, but I am more upset about the way H.S. was handled. That's why I like Shoaff.

I've seen Ross campaigning hard, probably second only to Goldner in this respect. She has not been as specific on some issues as I would like to see, but she appears to be well informed, and willing to engage people in discussions.

There is no way I will vote for Crawford. Mostly, because of his vote on the two issues mentioned above. The problem is, I still haven't decided for sure who my third pick would be. I have it narrowed to four though; Bender, Brown, Horner or Larsen.

I know, you think a L vote is a throw away vote, and that may be, but I often vote my conscience rather than for a winner.

I noticed that your ranking of the issues put the smoking ban above H.S., while mine is the opposite. Irrespective of what side people took on either of these issues, which one do you think most voters will give greater consideration to this year?

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

I intend to support john Shoaff also; however, he and I were on opposite sides in the Harrison Square issue.

John is very supportive of environmental issues including how best to protect our rivers. I have been fighting a wall of any type along Thieme Drive for about three years now, and John has always been accessible to discuss the issue and very supportive of my position.

I may disagree with him on issues at times, but I find him to be a city councilman who is easily approachable, willing to listen, and thorough in his research of issues.